Six-Spotted Fishing Spider

Six-Spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton)

WC 1" - 2" , $10 each

Beautiful aquatic spider that inhabits the southeastern United States. Dark green-olive in color, with bright white lines running down the sides of the carapace and continueing down the abdomen, along with two rows of white dots covering the abdomen. Feeding on insects, fish, and tadpoles! Fairly large for a true spider with some females exceeding 3" in legspan. If your a "Wolf Spider" enthusiast , you'll like these!!

Green Lynx Spider

Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia viridans)
1", $8 each

This strange and beautiful species lives among the tops of low bushes and vegetation in await of prey. It's green camouflage helps in it's efforts of ambush. These are easy to raise, and reach 2"+ in legspan! Weird and cool!

Southern Black Widow

Southern Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans)

1/8" - 1/4" Babies, $8 each

This well known species has been labeled the most venomous spider in the U.S. Shiney jet black with a red hourglass marking on their ventral side, plus a red patch near their spinnerets, and also on their dorsal side in some specimens. Although human deaths are extreamely rare, caution is always advised. Beautiful spider!!

Spitting Spider

Spitting Spider (Scytodes longipes)

1.5"+, Adults!, $10 each

Dainty in build, this slow moving spider immobilizes its prey by spitting a mixture of silk, glue, and venom onto it. Scytodes longipes has a dome-shaped carapace and dark spots and stripes on its body and legs. Commonly mistaken for L. reclusa (Brown Recluse), Don't pass up these cool true spiders!!

Florida Ravine Trapdoor Spider
Florida Ravine Trapdoor Spider

Florida Ravine Trapdoor Spider (Cyclocosmia torreya)
1/8" legspan, CB babies! $20 each

Beautiful and strange, these dark colored trapdoor spiders are unique with a flattened off abdomen with decorative grooves! Easy to keep, reaching 1.5", they are fantastic!!
Photo Courtesy of Sam Floyd.

Red Footed Purse Web Spider

Red Footed Purse Web Spider (Sphodros rufipes)

1/8", C.B. Babies!, $20 each

Awesome spider from the southern U.S., these purse web spiders make tube webs where they can spear their prey through with their large oversized fangs! S. rufipes, are over all shiney black as females, but males have reddish legs, with the latin meaning of rufipes is "red foot"! Powerful venom, although not life threatening, please take caution. Get them while you can!

Patent Leather Beetle

Patent Leather Beetle  (Odonotaenius disjunctus)

1.5 $5 each

The Patent Leather Beetle, also called Bess Beetle, is a native to the U.S. They are large, shiny black beetles that make a neat sound when disturbed. Neat creatures!

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